The project involves : La Transplanisphère (France, coordinator) – The International Theatre (Italy) – Visões Úteis (Portugal) – Project Art Centre (Ireland) – Teatermaskinen (Sweden) – Mezzanine Spectacle (France)
in cooperation With Panteion University Drama Center (Greece)


La Transplanisphère

Direction artistique : Bruno Freyssinet
132 rue du Faubourg St Denis 75010 Paris

La Transplanisphère is dedicated to design and produce theatre based on multidisciplinary performances. It also develops actions and workshops towards the different audiences (students, high schoolers, amateurs, etc.) Since the staging of bristish playright David Hare’s Stuff happens at the National Theatre Nanterre-Amandiers (Paris) in 2009, the company has focused on projects with geopolitical dimensions through international cooperations. In 2011-2012, Rec>ON introduces an artistic and civic cooperation between Turkey, Armenia, Germany and France on the reconciliation topic. The project is funded by the EU Culture program 1.3.5. In February 2011, La Transplanisphère also initiated a youth theatre meeting in Paris with 20 students from Freie Universtat Berlin, London School of Economics London, Galatasaray Istanbul and Sciences Po Paris. It was a first experience about how theatre can deal with the Financial crisis through an international artistic cooperation.

The peculiarity of the Transplanisphère has been to develop actions associating pedagogy and art since 2009 on a european scale. It has organised a great deal of workshops in France but also in Turkey, in Germany and in Armenia. Some other similar pedagocical projects based on theatre are in preparation with cultural organisations in Sweden, Italy, Grece, Portugal.

Being located in the parisian area, the association deals with people of all age coming from different social and multicultural environment.

Now our structure wishes to communicate the experience of its pedagocial practise but also draw benefit of the experience of its european partners. When implementing its various projects the Transplanisphère could notice the same needs and curiosity with its partners that are willing now to develop a specific project to share their own methods and practises for the benefit of the trainers as well as the trainees.

The Transplanisphère has initiated and will coordinate the Pace project.


Anders Olson
Skräppbo Skola street – Riddarhyttan 73091 – Sweden

The Teatermaskinen was created in 1997 and is located in the forest, in the heart of the Swedish countryside. It is a cooperatives structure dealing with theatre, visual arts and trans sectorial activities, working with local audiences as well as with an international network. Since its creation, it performed 23 new plays of the Swedish Theatre in front of more than 750 000 people of all ages in different working places, community centres, youth centres, universities, in trade unions meetings and study groups. Since 2000, they have created around a hundred events in Riddarhyttan opened to the international communities enabling them to invite people from everywhere in the world. They shared the experience and knowledge with 6000 people through their local activities in the area.

Through their workshops, Teatermaskinen works with themes that address central issues of contemporary Sweden and Europe. For instance our workshops deal with unemployment, rural area issues and racisim. We reach new audiences and adress to schools, union meetings, university courses etc.

Since 2000 we are developing a workspace for international production. It is a 1100 m2 building located in the forest 200 km northwest of Stockholm.

The theme of global crisis is extremely relevant to Teatermaskinen as the organisation works with long-term principles of financial and ecological sustainability. It sees it as a great possibility through the project to share with the local audience international experiences and perspectives that can renew the way we perceive and think about our future.

The International Theatre

Tomaso Thellung De Courtelary
4 Via Gaetano Donizetti – 00198 Roma – Italy

Created in 1992, The International Theatre (a production and organization theatre company) developed in Roma an international theatre season presenting performances coming from important English, French and Spanish festivals. It is also a theatre production company that has played very successfully in Avignon Festival (France).

After having run the Theatre Cassia in Roma, TIT is now running two theatre seasons in two small towns near Rome (Formello and Ariccia). In September 2011, TIT created the website www.europerformanceguide.eu, the first guide that helps European performances to travel through Europe.

TIT is managing several adults and children workshops in Formello and Ariccia adressed to people living outside of the main cultural centres like Rome, offering a cultural service to people coming from different social backgrounds.

Visões Uteis

Carlos Manuel De Matos Moura da Costa
Fábrica Social, Rua da Fábrica Social S/N – Porto – Portugal

Visões Úteis (which in portuguese stands for “Useful Visions”) is an artistic project, with a theatrical inspiration, based in Porto since 1994. A very personal artistic project, producing itself, a multidisciplinary project, using collaborative processes which invite all artists and audiences involved to take part in a very special commitment.

In Visões Úteis, the aesthetical project has been growing along with a very strong ethical— we can even say political— commitment, in a constant reflexion about the contemporary sense of making art— and specially performing arts— which is decisive to the daily working options and gives us an accurate sense of our political and social responsibility towards the community we live in.

Visões Úteis develops an Education Service, trying to deepen the bonds with the community in which we live and work. Here the processes of contemporary art are used as tools for the autonomy of all the citizens and specially for those who live in peripheral contexts (of geography, gender, generation, culture or race). In the Education Serviçe we can find pedagocical actions directed to all ages such as theatre courses for youngsters and adults looking for a first experience, specific seminars for performing arts professionals and students, voice workshops for the general public, Easter and Summer schools for children, activities with endangered communities (immigrants, prisoners, peripheral neighbourhoods), activities with older citizens, visits to schools and special activities with the community of our neighbourhood.

Project Art Center

José Miguel Jimenez (The Company)
39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin – Ireland

Project Arts Centre is dedicated to enabling artists to create work of high quality and ambition, while cultivating an atmosphere of adventure and creative enquiry for audiences and artists alike.

Home to two performance spaces and a gallery, Project Arts Centre offers diverse and innovative contemporary artwork.

The performance spaces showcase productions from some of Ireland’s most successful companies alongside the work of new and emerging artists. Project Arts Centre is also host to a number of productions from local and internationally focused festivals including: Dublin Writers’ Festivals; Dublin Theatre Festival; Dublin Fringe Festival; Dublin Dance Festival; 12 Points! Europe’s New Jazz Festival and many more.

Project Arts Centre’s mission is to present contemporary artwork by Irish and international artists while encouraging and facilitating access to the work for new audiences. It is also at its core to commission new work by artists of all disciplines and to support these artists during the process of making work through the provision of technical expertise, access to equipment and ongoing critical dialogue.

PAC is interested in creating a link with its audience through performing artists workshops, public discussions and open days initiatives. This with the aim of building a critical audience that actively participates in arts exchange.

Mezzanine Spectacles

Juliette Bompoint
1 Rue Baronie 31000 Toulouse – France

Mezzanine Spectacles is a professional training organization specialized in cultural European cooperation projects. Since 2009, lots of projects are leaded and sustained by the different trainers of the association. The global aim of the structure is to encourage artists to take responsibility for the challenges of social cohesion and international cooperation by providing them tools and resources to build their projects.

As La Transplanisphère will bring artistic and educational expertise, Mezzanine Spectacles will be in charge of the international project engineery and will be in charge of the administrative coordination and animation of the partnership. Mezzanine will also be in charge of the publication of a catalogue collecting the different European training sessions made through the project


additionnal partner

Panteion University Drama Center

Yangos Andreadis
Center for Clasical Drama and Spectacle
136, Syngrou Avenue, Athens 176 71, Greece

“Classical theatre is every good theatre. Brecht, Pinter are classic like Aeschylus”. These were the words of the great director Minoas Volanakis when he suggested the name “Center for Classical Drama and Spectacle”(CCDS) for the institution that operates at Panteion University since 1992.The stage reading “Kein” of Byron directed by Volanakis was the first event organised by the centre. The aims of the Centre were to research the roots of theatrical creation and to present either classical or unpublished plays using both traditional and alternative acting methods. For this purpose it organised intercultural theatrical meetings and productions with top Indian and Cuban theatre companies (mixed workshops for greek and Indian classical drama and workshops dedicated to kalari –Indian version of Shaolin- and to the Cuban ritual Yoruba) and promoted MA and Phd researches.

The ancient Greek drama is by many ways at the centre of activities of CCDS( Centre for Classical Drama and Spectacle). This is evident from the organization of a series of congresses at Delphi, Thebes and elsewhere, as well as from the publication of the bilingual book “Tracing Dionysus, Ancient Greek Tragedy Plays”, (published by Sideris Publications in 2003) which includes analysis, list of shows , biogs of actors, directors and other contributors-associates, a rich unpublished material and a relevant CD-ROM.

The main occupation of CCDS with the ancient drama is practical and creative. Since 1994 the centre presented “Bacchae, the journey of Dionysus” and “Cyclop” of Euripides in Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain and Portugal. Workshops were also conducted for “The children of Antigone” which combined the translation of the play with a cd containing the choruses and which will be used for a new forthcoming show of the theatre piece.It is also worth noting that the centre converted a car-ferry of the military navy into a floating theatre twice (1996,1998) and presented ancient drama around the Mediterranean and reached as far as Lisboa.

During the last years the centre experiments in a new genre which belongs at the vanguard of the international theatre: the adaptation of ancient dramas into musicals. These experiments led to productions like “Oh my murderer” (Ach dolofone mou, 2007) and “ Burn it all” (Ola kafta) which are related to Oedipus Rex and Agamemnon of Aeschylus. The last play consists a protest against the acts of arson that took place in Greece in 2007.