The project

PACE Project Performing Arts for Crisis in Europe is a new Learning platform for the European cohesion

The project involves : La Transplanisphère (France, coordinator) - The International Theatre (Italy) -  Visões Úteis (Portugal) – Project Art Centre (Ireland) - Teatermaskinen (Sweden) – Mezzanine Spectacle (France)
in cooperation With Panteion University Drama Center (Greece)         

The PACE Learning Partnership associates theatrical organisations from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Sweden and France. It has been designed in the context of the European Debt Crisis. 

The participants met in Athens (Panteion University Drama Center) in February 2012 to finalize the project together through a preparatory visit.The involved organizations share an interest in questioning political and geopolitical issues in their projects, especially through workshops for adults. 

Among the topics they want to work on for the coming years are the crisis and its consequences through Europe.Members of those organizations want to share their specific practice on artistic workshops that associate writing, creation and debate. They plan to carry common practical experiments in workshops opened to a wide range of local communities, and to enlarge and enrich their original approach and pedagogy. 

In experimenting new transversal propositions, members of the project want to empower European citizens with means to tackle political and geopolitical issues that concerns them all.The result will be the identification of new ways of associating artists and public at a European scale in order to exchange knowledge and skills. 

This Learning Partnership initiative attempts to fuse theatre aesthetics and politics as a channel to face the current crisis at a European level.The PACE project will allow a number of Europe based artists to exchange the different creative techniques they use in their practice. Linking the trainees and the local communities to this learning process will make of this renewed relation between theatre and politics a weapon against the withdrawal of the European cohesion.    

with the support of the European Commission – EACEA - Programme Grundvig, Learning Partnership

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