Athens biography

Athens meeting was also an occasion to collect an open bibliography and list of favorite links shared by the participants. 


Ana Zirner, artistic director of the theatre label satellit produktion and production manager for PATHOS München.

• Directing Actors by Judith Weston (sort of a classic, and it used to be my "bible" when working more classical)

• The shock doctrine by Naomi Klein (an eye-opener, well researched and with the necessary "proof" to make it credible)

"I use a lot of documentaries on AlJazeera English and BBC, they are very well researched and not too one-sided. I read the german newspapers or the NY Times. I watch the "Daily Show" by Jon Stuart, an incredibly smart political comedian from the US ("


Afredro Angelici, Journalist and actor at the International Theatre in Roma

The birth of Tragedy By Nietzsche

Manuale minimo dell’ attore by Dario Fo

Truth by suzan Baston


Tomaso Thellung De Courtelary, Stage director and Director of the International Theatre in Roma

• Enrico IV by Luigi Pirandello about madness


Marianne Gautier, collaborator for La Transplanisphère

• L'Acteur et la Cible (The Actor and the Target) by Declan Donnellan. Declan Donellan is an Irish stage director who has been the theater director of the London National Theater. 

La Culture de l'Egoisme (about building an identity, freedom, individualism...) by Christopher Lasch and Cornelius Castoriadis. "Christopher Lasch is an american historian and Castoriadis is a french philosopher and psychoanalyst. It is an interview of them both that took place in the english chanel 4 in 1986. It is still very relevant and questioning."


Carlos Manuel De Matos Moura da Costa, Artistic Director of Visoes Uteis in Portugal

•  Production of Presence, What meaning can not conveyHans Ulrich Gumbrecht
"Because it is a very interesting (and not too difficult to read) approach to the relation between cultural phenomena and other dimensions beside meaning and interpretation. A must for someone working in the field of contemporary performing arts!"


Costas Mitrakas, PhD student (Theatre Anthropology) at Panteion University, Stage Director of Panteion University Centre for Clasical Drama and Spectacle

• Carnival and Karagiozis, by Yiannis Kiourtsakis, Athens 1985, that describes how the carnival passed in the shadow theatre

• Dionysiaka, by Katerina Kakouri, translated in english by Helen Colaclides, Athens 1965, that describes the rites of Anastenaria and Kalogeros in the village of Agia Eleni, and how they were adapted from the pre-dionisiac to the christian tradition of today.

• Modern Greek Folklore and Ancient Greek Religion, by John Cuthbert Lawson, Cambridge 1910, that describes the traditional "popular Greek religion", the customs, and their relation with the ancient greek religion and ceremonies in comparison with the European culture.


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