Why Pace project?

Each one of the organisations involved in PACE share a valuable experience in articulating political and geopolitical issues through theatre making and community workshop initiatives. They also share the need to bring these experiences to other organizations with similar interests, increasing their awareness and proficiency by learning from similar experiences in different contexts and approaches. They also want to associate both trainers and trainees to these new experiences outside their usual territory.

Athens, January 2012

The organizations have chosen the Crisis in the frame of Europe as a common topic. This subject in itself motivates the partners to go beyond their usual territory and regular audience, and start sharing experiences with European trainers and trainees, as they all face the crisis in different ways. The transnational dimension of the Crisis stimulates the necessity to share points of view, exploring different realities through different pedagogical approaches.

to develop awareness

Subsequently, another motivation for such a project is to develop awareness of the fact that many similar experiences are lead in Europe teaching how art and creation can be connected with pedagogy and active citizenship. In a time when much of the public support is decreasing, it is imperative to create the opportunities to share with other organizations and people that are developing new practices.

While preparing the application, the partners involved realized that they work using codes and methods coming from a common European heritage, but also that those codes have been influenced by local fashions and traditions. This discovery became a new motivation for exchanging creative approaches, which can feed their current practice and pedagogy.

A pedagogical experience on the current crisis

Europe is experiencing a crisis which is rising feelings of cleavage and withdrawal among its citizens and, also, among the political organizations that could offer an avenue for solution.  In a similar fashion, European theatre artists lack opportunities to exchange methodological approaches and practical knowledge with peers, without the pressure of having a product as the end result created by the cultural market. This project is needed as it invites to join these strata (social and artistic) in one single pedagogical experience built on the question of the current crisis, in the hope of offering a new light on its understanding.

Ultimately, this project is needed to reinforce a connection between the present of Europe and the creative work European artists and citizens can make within this present context.

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